Tuesday, October 10, 2006

blogging - what happens to my diary??

finally, at last after so much pondering and thought rendering i am entering into the big unknown world of blogging and yet i haven't decided what to write...though to maitain the sanctity of bloggers I will have to put in some scrap so I have decided to scratch this word called 'blogging'..I want to know why even so reluctant and shy guys, like me are attracted to this thing called 'blogging'....sure there is some mystical charm around this word that even the person of my nature who for years, have surreptitiously hidden their obscure thoughts from even themselves are enthused to unlock them and with so much aplomb....but what exactly is so enigmatic about it...
as i wrote about it,I decided to do some flashback and saw myself writing in my hidden diary(which to date i am scared of opening in public) the secret moments of my life which were and are so private to me....i remember how scared i got with the thought of being caught writing something like a diary....but guess what I am doing now-baring my all thoughts open to all...how has this irony come into picture....surely it would be childish to blame the surgence of internet for it....infact what i beleive it that there was always an element of public display in us, wihch though lying dormant for several years had suddenly found a way to unreveal itself through net
and it is this vicarious pleasure we get by blogging...the sheer feeling of deriving pleasure and satisfaction by having our thoughts read by someone is so germane to us bloggers that it tempts us to blog,to write all what we feel ...may be the kind of life we are living is one possible reason for this ewnly found resurrection,the pressure of living in a fast paced complex modern society had pushed us to the very edge of our own limits...we are becoming isolated and may be through blogging we are trying to make some virtual bond with fellow bloggers because in reality there is no time for real thought sharing...but what ever the reason may be,if blogging can be so much releiving then why not do it...though I admit it can never replace the secret of joy of writing diaries and revisiting them years later...thats the dilemma of modern day blogging.